My presentation - National Stroke Week

October 10, 2016


I told my story on my stroke to > 100 people at Seek last Friday, part of National Stroke Week. 
National Stroke Week is the Stroke Foundation’s annual awareness campaign taking place during September in the to help raise awareness for stroke prevention and recovery.
Last month I found out about the Stroke Week, and I decided to take part.
This presentation was at Seek because I worked at Seek (2 years - 2006/2008). And made sense because my brother (Ronnie) still work at Seek.



I spoke for 20 minutes and discussed my story, the lead up to my stroke, signs and symptoms, cause of my stroke, overview of my time in hospital, the journey since leaving hospital, my biggest hurdles, goals, etc.
After my talk, Simone Russell from StrokeSafe presentation discussed Strokes and stroke awareness. She is a Strokeline Officer and qualified Occupational Therapist at Stroke Foundation and she spoke on what is a stroke, signs and symptoms, how you can reduce your stroke risk.


I was petrified before this speech - I always get a little nervous public speaking and first time done something like this - but after this presentation finished I was very relieved, exhilarated and excited.
My family came along also, so more special.
Thank you Stroke Foundation for organising this presentation and thank you Seek - especially Ronnie – for hosting this event. 
P.S. After the function, Ronnie received a very nice email from his colleague and I decided to share with you...
"... thanks again for creating a platform to share the message - as maybe that information could save a life one day."




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