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  • Paul Fink

I am a straight shooter...

Last week, I tried a new sport - Para-Archery. It was my first time to try archery in my life but always liked to watch it at the Olympics - especially after Simon Fairweather’s heroics the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. 

Pre-stroke I was used to playing more physical sports (eg running, cricket, golf etc) but obviously I am limited to playing specifically sports with my disability, so I am trying to adapt to play with different sports instead.

Moorabbin Archery Club caters for all abilities, so I went to check it out. 

The organiser (Bill) explained how to hold the bow with one hand using the stand and also he demonstrated the release grabber, the scoring system, and discussing the next steps if I want to come again. 

I really enjoyed the session. I found the accuracy was very challenging - especially I was using with a bow in a short distance (10 metres indoors) only because was my first time. Outdoor distances range from 30m to 90m so hopefully next time I’ll try to shoot outside and further, if Bill is comfortable for this. The most impressive thing about the session was the power in the bow... it is very mighty and powerful apparatus. 

I definitely keen to go again - sooner not later - and hopefully I will try to get more accurate with my arrows... but more importantly it was fun because new leisure activity is a great way to rehabilitate the brain, and also meet new people. 


ps. The sound effects are artificial ;)

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