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The Survivor Stroke Towel Challenge

The Towel Challenge

I am very excited to take part in the survivor towel challenge for raising money for Stroke Foundation and support stroke research.

The Towel Challenge is simple - get yourself in front of camera, wearing a towel however you want to wear it, post it on Instagram or Facebook in Black and White with #towelchallenge and donate. After that (if you want), nominate your friends, family, mates, to do the Towel Challenge.

If you are not aware, or not watching the survivor TV show, one contestant - Lee Carseldine (retired professional cricketer) - unexpectedly left the show because his mum had a massive stroke while filming on survivor, and tragically passed away.

Lee decided to do something about it, so he, David Genat and channel 10 organised the Towel challenge to raise money for Stroke Foundation to raise awareness to prevent, treat and beat stroke. Pretty amazing gesture, in my opinion... His dad had a stroke 13 years ago, so it is pretty close to the bone to him.

I was humbly invited to contribute to this campaign with the Stroke Foundation and I met the guys at the photo shoot a few weeks ago - with other stroke survivors also. But we were not aware of Lee’s situation before the photo shoot - obviously - it was pretty secretive because the show just started airing. Nevertheless, Lee, David and other guys were very nice to me and the other stroke survivors.

Being a person who has never watched the show previously - sorry for that!! - I was a little embarrassed about it, in fact I asked Lee a few questions:

PF: When is the shooting for the show? LC: It’s already filmed… PF: Oh… cool. So… who won? LC: Haha [chuckling]… I can’t tell you!!!

It was a very funny moment, and obviously I was oblivious to what the show was about, overall but it was a very cool experience - especially meeting new people including gold medal Lydia Lasilla, and also it was an amazing opportunity to get exposure to the Stroke Foundation. Looking back, the shooting day must have been very tough with Lee.

The towel challenge, Stroke Foundation and Survivor/Channel 10 is aiming to raise $77,000 - Lee’s cricket number for Queensland and the age his mum passed away - a fitting tribute for the campaign and hopefully we will reach this goal and more.

Rest in Peace - Elizabeth May Carseldine



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