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Handy Hints - How to wear contact lenses with one hand

I was 12 years old when I started wearing glasses and I was 20 years old when I started wearing contact lenses. Luckily, my prescription is relatively low (I think 2 or 3) so I can see okay but I need glasses or contact lenses for driving, playing and watching sports, watching TV and movies etc - basically I am short-sighted (also known as myopia). I think almost 50 percent of adults in Australia are short-sighted, so it is very common.

Initially, contacts lenses were a pretty scary proposition and I was pretty hesitant to wear it. It was a pretty long process to be comfortable wearing it because obviously I was not keen to damage my eyes. Before the stroke, I was wearing glasses or contact lenses almost every day. In the winter months, I mainly used glasses - except when swimming and (more recently COVID-19 lockdown because it is very annoying to wear a mask with glasses!!) - and in the summer, I used contact lenses often, mainly for exercise and because I prefer to wear contact lenses and non-prescription sunglasses at the same time - less hassle.

Exercise and swimming was a big part of my rehabilitation, but after the stroke, I was frustrated because I was not able to wear my contacts with one-handed. I needed to ask my wife, nurses or therapists to help me every time. I tried to do it with my (non-affected) left hand, but it was almost impossible to do. I even considered applying for laser eye surgery, because - aside from the (almost) impossibility of practicality wearing my contacts with one-handed - my face muscles in my right side are not firing well (eg. little bit of lazy eye), but, realised it was financially unlikely also.

So, after a while and a few Google and YouTube searches, I tried again. It was a lot of trial and error and ruined contacts (fortunately I use 14 days disposable lenses), but, eventually, I actually did it and I am pretty proud of myself because I still use the same method now.

Watch the video here:

Anyone else use this method? Any other ways you found helped for you to wear contact lenses after your stroke? You are welcome to share your tips here…

All the best


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