• Paul Fink

My Stroke - 31 January, 2014

My Famliy

Very difficult writing about my stroke because can't remember 95% what happened. I remember sleeping soundly - Thursday 30 January - this night, because was tired and excited. Tired because I had started a new job three weeks prior and my son six months old (raising kids is tough!!); Exciting because after I finished work I was invited my friends to discuss and planning my best-friends buck's night (sadly I missed, but I heard very good night haha :)) Next day - Approximately 7:30am - I collected my son (Oscar) in the cot and was preparing to going to work. Loz (My wife) also present. After that, my memory of my stroke very hazy because I was deteriorated very quickly and my stroke no warning signs. Thank god Loz was here at home not on the train or showering or travelling, camping ... Etc. I remember what room - my bedroom - happened my stroke. I remember when hot and sweaty and I demanded lots of water instantly. Loz's sister Nat (and brother in law, Jared) lives next door and I remember Jared coming my bedroom helping me. Loz's profession is Physio and she instantly thought something definitely wrong to me, so Loz called the ambulance. And me... Never once thought I would have a stroke or something was wrong, because I was past rational thinking at this time. I remember ambos (ambulance) coming my bedroom carrying me (via the stairwell)... After that I passed out. That's it. I imagined my stroke (AVM ruptured, I passed out etc) and overall 30 minutes. It happened very fast... Soon I will write about waking up at Alfred hospital (but also very hazy memory because the drugs).



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