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Handy Hints - How to do shoelaces with one hand

After my stroke, my inpatient rehab occupational therapist - Bianca - tried to get me to consider getting orthopaedic type-velcro shoes, however I wasn’t interested and thought there had to be a way for me to wear my own shoes and tie up laces with one hand. I was pretty stubborn - especially in the hospital over 6 years ago - because I was trying to fight and reclaim my independence.

Thankfully she listened to me and found a way to teach me, in fact she said I am proudly the first patient that ever refused to go velcro so she insisted that she will find a way to help me.

Initially, it was not an easy task, but I practised with Bianca, practised myself and eventually - with lots of practice and repetition - the habit stuck. I actually still tie my shoelaces up that way to this day, and she taught many people to tie their laces this way too.

The method has two parts. The first step is a one-off task - lacing the shoes - and the second step is putting on the shoes every time, and these videos explain it.

Part one: Lacing the shoes

Part two: Putting the shoes on

Anyone else use this method? Any other ways you found helped for you to tie up laces after your stroke? Share your tips here…

All the best


p.s. I am more relaxed about my methods of wearing shoes and, in fact, I sometimes wear velcro also :)

p.p.s. If you are wondering, I made the first video only this week, and the second video was shot over three years ago with my wife’s help.

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